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Some History:

I graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a BS/EE degree in 1980. During my college career, I opted for 2 Co-Op engineering jobs, and was hired by Penn. State as a consultant on a hardware project. All together, I have over 19 years of experiences in the computer industry, with over 15 years in providing hardware, software, or systems solutions as a consultant. My involvements over the years cover a wide range of computer systems, hardware platforms and languages for networking, databases, communications, graphics, businesses, telecommunications, and web work. My technical and inter-personal abilities are supported by a wealth of excellent references (see below) from clients such as Hewlett Packard. My industry experience has broadened by working with large companies such as Olivetti, Raytheon, Wang, GTE, Data General, Hewlett Packard and Lucent; to mid-size companies such as Centerline Software, CAC, Locus, Apollo Computer, Stratus; as well as many small companies and firms. My personal goal is to help people grow and unite. With that goal, I contiue to offer many hours of service work to non profit organizations, providing them with web and database solutions. I enjoy working with people and am always very interested in working with others in providing solutions and business ventures.

Some quotes from previous letters of recommendations:

"David had the right combination of technical skills, communications skills, tenacity, and stress coping skills to be highly successful in both tasks and deliver on time. David excels in at least a couple of areas. One is his communications skills. In this area he goes beyond maintaining close contact with his project team. He constantly expands his network of contacts in a nonintrusive way. ... Another one of David's real strengths is his technical skills. He is able to quickly learn new tools, find their most useful features, and even makes a point to share them with others. ... David is an engineer of rare abilities. He is sharp, hard working, and warm."

"Dave's assignments ... require extensive general software knowledge and specific graphics experiences. The tasks were completed on time and with high quality. Dave is not only strong technically, but also excellent on people skills. He works very effectively with people from all areas and at all levels. Worth particular mention is also Dave's total dedication and dependability. Dave is proven a person with high integrity and honesty. His dedication to job is part of his philosophy and every day life ... To summarize, Dave is one of the very few in the industry who is strong on both technical aspects and interpersonl skills, one who is proactive and highly dependable services."

"Dave did an excellent job. ... Several customers praised his work and they expressed strong regrets when he left the project. During his time in my group, Dave demonstrated strong technical skills. He learned the internals of the project and our development environment very quickly and was able to start making positive technical contributions almost immediately. He is an extremely independent working and needed a minimum of management supervision. He often took the initiative to identify and do additional work on the project. In the future, I would not hesitate to hire Dave for future contract positions."

"During this time his efforts enabled us to successfully ship a number of critical products. His efforts have been greatly appreciated by Apollo during this time."

"David worked very hard and enthusiastically on all projects."

"He quickly learned to ... He worked well and hard on technical oriented tasks."

"During this time he has learned our product line quickly and performed all tasks assigned to him diligently. Dave is a very likable person who adapts easily to different professional environments. I recommend him without reservations."

"David's work has been more than fully satisfactory, ... additionally he has been very good at interacting with other people and groups and this has enabled him to obtain the information to complete his tasks."

"We challenged David with the need to take over an existing commerce website without any knowledge of what our system was written in. He learned our technology in a timely fashion and before long was making changes we needed as well as suggesting some great ideas."

References (copies and contacts) available upon request.

Table of contents

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