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Have a GREAT day!
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This is a picture of my son Christopher back when he was about 1 and 1/2.
Click on the picture to view a full size (about 6x8) picture of my son.
Play this late at night!
F.A.O. Bear with Christopher
The F.A.O. "indoor playground" is behind door number 1!
Open the door, and listen, what do you hear inside?

Zoom in to Christopher on Bear
Big fingers!

Jumping is FUN!
Jumping for joy, Early spring 96

Travel Methods of the 90's Child
CAN "get there from here"!

You can do more than just jump!
"I've fallen and I CAN get up, if I can stop laughing.." Early spring 96

Off to visit Santa?
I'm ready for the north pole dad!

Camping is FUN!
Piglet and Pooh go camping with Christopher ... Summer 95

Friendly Frosty!
Can I take him home? 12/96

I do lots of biking!
I did it, and it IS better than with training wheels! Spring 96

Keep having fun!
Lets see the clowns. They have fun too!

My dad has a tie on!
We hope you enjoyed your visit!

Well, that's just a sample.
By the way, some folks say I look a lot like my dad, but my dad always says that he looks a lot like me!

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