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Christophers night time message.

This recording was recorded when Christopher was 4 years old, on 2/96.

It was recorded at an 11khz setting.

This recording should take you less than minute to download @28.8, and plays well with latest Netscape 3.0.

An earlier version of this file was saved at 22khz and then played with WHAM or winDAT, (an audio program that I use with netscape for playing .wav and .voc files). The recording plays back in 15 seconds. I was at first unable to save the file at 11khz without it being huge. But winDAT let me transform it to the normal 11khz speed that is common for most .wav files. Windows Media Player could not be slowed down or allow transformations like other audio players such as WHAM and winDAT (that came with my Soundscape card).

Since the site that had the old WHAM was not reachable when I wrote this document, if you want, you can at least get (if you are interested) an old version of WHAM (version 1.31, .zip file ~138k) if you email me.

This recording was done at bedtime with a New Bright KidsoundTM Systems tape recorder using a handy but incorrect equalized tape (e.g. a chrome tape). Although I would recommend the KidsoundTM Systems recorder, as it is good quality for it's price, it is not considered hi-fi! It was then transferred from cassette to digital using WHAM at 11khz, by partially plugging in mini stereo plug into my sound card, and then editing out the huge blip when I started the tape recorder after starting WHAM. All of this may have something to do with the 50's sound quality you experience :)

Now the recording, if you can tell, may not sound quite "innocent" or "pure" as it might since Christopher knew he was being recorded, and, well, you can guess the rest.

With this all said and done, I hope you try it out and enjoy it, and let me know if you have any problems or comments!

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