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Massachusetts Specific
  Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Did you ever try to get them on the phone?? 9/9/96
  Massachusetts Access to Government Information Service Includes links to other web pages for MA Govt. and others. 9/9/96
  7 News Boston area weather (7 news) 5/98
  5 News Boston area weather (5 news) 5/98
  Boston area transit links. Boston area transit links. 5/98
  NOAA Tide listings 7/98
  Boston area current traffic Current traffic per highway with cams! 5/00
Sports New England Revolution Major League Soccer (football by all but the US) See also Boston Bull Dogs and Boston Renegades 6/01
Massachusetts Fun
  Mass Vacation resource link Lists lots of resources you never knew existed in MA.
  • How about a ballon ride or lessons?
  • The official site for MA Office Of Travel And Tourism
  Canobie Lake Amusement park, 93 north just over MA border 06/01/98
  Riverside Park Amusement park, Rt. 159 Agawam, MA 01001
  • No web site as of 6/98. "Going through major changes with new owner".
  • (800) 370-7488
  Water Country Water Amusement park, Portsmouth, NH
  • All water rides
  • Many, for young and old
  • Fees
  Lake Compounce Amusement park, Bristol, Connecticut 06/01/98
  Whalom Park Amusement park, Lunenburg, MA
  • Smaller (maybe more for younger children?)
  • Directions
  • Be sure to check operating hours!
Children's Stuff
  Welcome to PBS ONLINEŽ! Find Author, and many, many others!  
  New England Small Circle JuJitsu Academy Great for Children of all ages! 4/15/98
Parenting Issues
  Yahoo - Society and Culture:
  Parents Paper Parents Plus (also contains link to GREAT free parent's paper for boston). The Boston Parents Paper has good info and LOTS of local resource information. I just used it to get list for local tree farms for Christmas! 12/10/98
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  Instant Weather Report Anywhere Drop in your city and state, and get detailed weather for the region. Great for traveling folks.
Find the Weather for any City, State or Zipcode, or Country
Links provided by other folks
  Top 10 Lists Top 10 lists, very insightful. 11/12/97
  My Personal Bookmarks
(well a very old subset of them!)
Some useful bookmarks, such as listings of ISP's  
Search for links See also "Links provided by other folks  
  Dogpile GREAT place to quickly search for just about anything! 7/2/99
  Yahoo! Search for links to a world of information, one of the best. 2/17/96
Security (My advice: turn OFF Active X, Java, AND Java Script. Run only when you MUST. Yes even Java Script has security bugs!)
  The World Wide Web Security FAQ This is for BOTH people who browse the web and people who develope on the web. For people who browse the web, be sure to check out Client Side Security. Most people should at least look at the issues about Java, Java Script, and Active X.
  • Note that this is just one of many security information sites, and this site is not the most up to date.
  • It is my suggestion that Java, Java Script, and Active X should be turned off by default, or at least set to "prompt before running" if your browser allows it. Then you have the option to allow the Java, Active X, or Java Script to run if you trust the site that wants you to run one of these programs on your computer.
  • If you would mind if someone read files off of your hard disk, could put a virus in your computer, or could delete files on your hard disk, then I suggest you either turn off at least Java and ActiveX to be safe, or read about the issues.
  • Note of course, that downloading a program off of the net and running it on your computer is just as risky.
  Frequently Asked Questions
(Web Browser Security)

(Known Browser Security Problems)

Note: Java Script has been known to have serious security bugs! Use at your own risk.
  Microsoft Word Virus protection If you EVER receive a word doc from someone else, you should be running this for virus protection!! 1/13/97
  Microsoft Security Advisor Program If you have NEVER been here, GO NOW! LOTS of security issues to know about!! 10/05/97
Spam I hate Spam mail (junk e-mail)  
Help with problems: MODEMS and Communications
  Winsock comm overruns If you run windows 3.x and get "Comm Overruns, check this out!  
  The once Saturn Help with phone lines and modems I created this because of real need by users!  

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