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Frequently Asked Questions about Meeting Lists

This is just the start of a FAQ for meeting lists supported by AllOne Services. Please realize that I welcome comments and discussions from all in an ongoing effort to make it a better service.

Why are meetings shown deleted (with strikeout) instead of being removed? It makes the listings messy and sometimes show that lots of meetings are disappearing.

Yes, it does look a little messy, but I believe that it is worth it. It is actually harder to list meetings deleted instead of just having them not show up on the web. However, there is nothing more frustrating than going to a meeting that no longer exists. If you were a newcomer, what would you think if you went to a meeting that no longer existed but that you found on a meeting list or had heard about from someone else? Would all newcomers try another meeting?

Here are some other general reasons:

Here is a simple example. Pretend there are several pages of meetings for a particular area, (which may be hard for some folks, but what you think about expands :)

Which list will better prevent people from going to a meeting that no longer exists? (Especially important for a newcomer)

meeting 9
meeting b
meeting a34
meeting g3

--- OR ---

meeting 9
meeting b
meeting 13
meeting a34
meeting g3


What are all those pictures shown before a meeting?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in uses below, the picture mentally grabs your attention. A picture almost forces your eyes to the meeting that has the pictures.
    Key What Action Why show this??
    Info Updated Changed or New Information. Notify that this meeting has recently changed or is new. The most important goal may well be to get people to a meeting. Blasting out that a meeting's information has changed can help:
    • A person who may be relying on an old printed list.
    • An meeting representative who could announce changes at the beginning of a meeting.
    • An Intergroup or Service Center realize a change they did not (or did) expect. What if a meeting contact changed a meetings information?
    • A meeting contact realize a change they did not (or did) expect. What if a someone changed information that was correct to begin with?

    If a date is provided instead of a picture, how many people would really take the time to read them?

    New Meeting New Meeting! New meetings often need your support by attending to help it grow. There is probably some statistic somewhere, but a new meeting's most hardest time to survive may be in it's first year or so.  It's important for people to know and promote a new meeting, and to think about how they can help it succeed, simply by attending.
    Needs Updating! Outdated Information! Notify meeting that it needs to re-register. Keeping accurate meeting information so that people can attend the meeting is of utmost importance. Nobody wants to drive to a meeting that no longer exists or has had a time and/or location change.
    • Meeting officers change, "I thought he/she was going to let them know of the changes"...
    • Sometimes meetings may go away and there are no meeting representatives to let the organization know.
    • Showing the symbol lets all who attend the meeting and view a list through the web or produced from the web know that action needs to be taken.
    Consistent Information! Consistent Information! Usually no action, but may in rare cases indicate that meeting information may need to be updated. Organizations that connect with their meetings on a regular basis (say yearly for example), will typically not have outdated meeting information. In some cases, long time meetings may not have needed any changes for quite some time. Showing this picture in this case can be used to both indicate a long standing meeting to others, and provide a signal to meetings that may have not contacted an organization for a long time.


Why are there so many options? This seems complicated!

I think the art, and it is art, is to find the best way to make it simple for the novice just find a meeting, but have the options that I know will help get people to meetings.

To some people, less is more, and in some cases, that is correct. The goal is to provide the best services in the easiest manner. If you extended the "less is more" principle to the one end, you would simply list all meetings in the world on one huge page. For people who do not have special needs, a simpler approach might work better for them. But here are some special cases where "more is more":


Why doesn't my organization, or AA or Al-Anon list their meetings on the web?

First, check to see if your organization does list their meetings. You can check 12stepmeetings.org to see if it already exists, and check the search engines.  Be leery of any information from websites that are not run by the organization, but list meetings!  That information may be old or incorrect!  Find out from your meeting the official address of the organization and contact them.  If they say they don't support a meeting list on the web, keep reading!

An important point that can not be overemphasized is that:

12 Step Organizations work from the bottom up (just read your Organizations Traditions). If your 12 Step Organization does not list meeting on the web it is up to you to contact your meeting and area reps and request that they be listed. Meetings and Organizations may need to vote on it before it can happen.  You must request for a vote. If you need help, please contact

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For any comments, questions, or inquiries regarding 12 Step database services offered by AllOne Services or other services please contact: .
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